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型番 WS153
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STEVE ADAMYK BANDの2/4がついにSONIC AVENUESになっちゃった!カナダ・オタワのパンクロックバンド待望の5thアルバムでございます!今作よりSebに加え、Maxも電撃加入ってことでオタワの二大巨塔が合体なんだよ。といってもSONIC AVENUESも継続のようですのでご安心を。1stアルバムでは激キャッチーなポップパンク、そして2ndアルバム以降70'sパンクロック色を色濃くしていきましたがこの5thアルバムではこれまでの集大成といった感じでポップでキャッチーなパワーパンクロック13曲を収録。これむちゃくちゃいいですよ。ソリッドで疾走感抜群のパンクロックチューン「Through My Fingers」で幕を開け、パンクロックの持つ緊張感を体現したギターリフ、とにかくそのギターの音がかっこいい!ガラッと変わって一気にパワーポップワールドへと変わる「Carry On」。陰りがありつつも耳にこびりつくメロディー、そして絶妙なタイミングで入れられるColleen Greenの女性ハーモニーは絶品!またアナログシンセがいい味出しているんです。これぞグレートポップパンクチューン!続く「If I Wanted To」はイントラからキュンキュンさせられる幕開けから素晴らしい!一旦スピードを落としブレイクとなる5曲目「Broken Arms」はまたもやサビに女性コーラス、ずりーーーな!w 収録曲それぞれ、一見シンプルに聴こえるが緻密に練り上げられた最高傑作。陰りのあるメロディー哀愁を煽ったり、切なさで胸を締め付けたり、ショートチューンで勢いをつけたりと70'sパンクロック/パワーポップ、ポップパンクファンみんなに愛されるSTEVE ADAMYK BANDの本気がここに!そしてラストに号泣の名曲「She's On My Mind」収録!んでそのままボーナスのTHE SOUNDカバー「Heyday」へと続きます。2017年再びJAPAN TOURを予定しておりますのでお楽しみに!

review from "I Buy WAY Too Many Records Dot Com" by Tim POPKID

I have been such a gigantic fan of the Steve Adamyk Band since their very first 7" that came out on Ptrash so many moons ago. When I picked that record up based on a "this is a dude from Sedatives" descriptions, I really don't think I realized it would turn into the starting point of one of my favorite bands of the entire decade. Adamyk & company have kept up a furious pace of releasing records and Graceland is their fifth full length since 2010.

I've never really had anything resembling actual complaints about anything that Steve Adamyk Band has ever released, but if I had to point to one hing, it was that I didn't completely love the recording/production of their last album Dial Tone. The songs were there and it was still one of my favorite records of that year, but the recording felt a little flat on some songs. Any issues with that have been completely resolved with Graceland. The production is bright, crisp and punchy.

Graceland starts out with the speedy burst of frantic energy that is "Through My Fingers." It's a burner of an album opener that instantly grabs your attention, but from there the band takes things down half a notch with "Carry On." For me, this is always where Steve Adamyk band hits their sweet spot. Slightly slower than their fastest songs, the verse has the "whoas" in the right places and it builds into a supremely catchy hook. I just love stuff like this and it throws me back to my favorite Adamyk song from their first album "Your Only One." No one can touch Steve Adamyk Band when they're hitting songs like this.

The rest of the album varies from excellent to stupidly good. Hit after hit with buzzsaw guitars, catchy vocals and even some tasteful synth here and there to give the album a little extra flavor. If you've been reading this website for any length of time, none of this should be news for you. I've been screaming at the top of my lungs about how much I love this band for years. What's really amazing to me is how they are just as incredible on their fifth album as they were the first time I heard them. Keep it up guys!